Self Development Resources for Dads

Ungloo provides simple tools, inspiration, videos and group support (online and here in Boulder, CO) to propel hands-on fathers into a new world of mental, physical, spiritual, social, and emotional well being. We focus on fathers because we are at a time in history when dads are more hands-on with their children than ever and participating domestically more than ever before.

As fathers, these days, we’re pulled in multiple directions so its imperative we take time to care for ourselves so we can be more present fathers, husbands/partners, and more effective providers.

OUR ULTIMATE GOAL: Power-boost fathers beyond the downward pull of self-medication, anxiety, and stress by providing upleveling, personal growth enhancing, self-development resources and inspiration.

Our “tools” can be found on the Uplevel Tools page.

Hello, Perry Towle here. I’m the one with the glasses. I’m the creator, animator, music composer, etc. I’m motivated to bring inspiration and resources to modern day fathers so they can feel healthy, strong, and confident and in turn find more ways to be completely present with their children.

What I’ve found is that if I’m not making an effort to uplevel the mind, body, soul a little here and there, then I’m more apt to feel stuck or anxious or stressed.  So, the tools and the animations are an effort to unglue, hence the name.

I love making things move on screen (animated videos).  This started early when I was in high school. I’d videotape things, when NO ONE owned a video recorder, and I’d mix it with the music I composed (rad 1980’s synthesizers).

Adobe Creative Suite and Logic Pro X are the tools I use to extract the inner creative energy out into the external world.

I love playing sports with my family (wife and two daughters 10 & 14). (I only like long walks on a beach if they’re taking one.) Mountain biking at least one weekend morning is non-negotiable.

I look forward to meeting you and connecting with you!