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Brendon Burchard – Crushing It

By February 28, 2018 No Comments

How do you overcome Drama and Distraction?

These two are the killers that keep you from crushing it and staying on the path of purpose.

There is a snippet in Brendon Burchard’s Podcast, “How to Restart a Bad Day” where he says the following.
“People who are on the path of purpose.
They don’t have time for drama or distraction.
That stuff gets pushed aside
Because they’re busy crushing it everyday
They’re high performers.
They’re at that level.
They’ve gotten past the drama and distractions in life.
And they’re contributing. They’re creating. They’re being proactive.
They’re becoming the leaders, the artists, the people who are the influencers and the thought leaders of the day.
Because they got over that other stuff.”

There are so many people who let the drama and the distractions keep them from being their best, so by contributing and creating you can get past it!

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