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Does Journaling Work?

By February 28, 2018 No Comments

Video Narration:

The problem with being human is the uncontrollable mental noise.
The endless clamor of thousands of unharnessed thoughts screaming for our attention provide very little guidance.

Meditation, of course, is a marvelous way to help humans with this problem. However, there is another tool. The act of writing in a journal.

Journaling can sort out your thoughts to help you clear up your mental commotion.

You see, these symbolize all of the good thoughts.
By writing them down you magnify them, and give them more power.
Listen to them and allow them to show you the way toward your true north.

And it’s these negative self-sabotaging thoughts you must also take note of.
By writing them down you’re becoming aware of how they might be manipulating your behavior.

Or you could just let the thousands of thoughts bop around in the back of your mind where they unknowingly keep you in an antiquated state of debilitating fear stress.

Let’s review.

#1 Magnify the good thoughts write them in the journal to keep them in the forefront of your consciousness where they will enhance your super powers.

#2 The negative thoughts must be watched. If you just let them float around in your subconscious you’ll suddenly find yourself in places you don’t really want to be.

So take a little time to purge the mind, the good and the bad and everything in between. that’s it…. there you go.

Now you’re refreshed and open for all of the beautiful and important aspects of life you need to be paying attention to.

As it turns out….the uplevel journal does a an above average job of creating self-awareness and mental clarity.

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