Emotion Logic Oscillator

By February 27, 2018 No Comments

Did you know there’s an actual Emotion/Logic Oscillator in your head?  The way it works is when we get emotional our ego blows up and our logical mind shuts down. For most of us when we get emotional the logical part of our thinking process turns off and we do stuff we regret doing.

If you’re incapable of witnessing yourself as you get heated and triggered by something or someone watch someone else when they get angry. They might start out logical but as they get more “fight” in their reactions their ability to be practical goes away….as does their capacity to see anyone else’s view point!

So here’s the advice as laid out in the video. When emotions take over, do the following:

1. Shut your mouth
2. Don’t break anything
3. Walk away
4. Regroup

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