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Get Beneath The Haze Of Your Mind

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This animation was inspired by the book “Backbone: The Modern Man’s Ultimate Guide to Purpose, Passion and Power” by David H. Wagner.

The quote in the animation was pulled from the book where David writes, “… slow down a little bit and learn how to listen to your deeper truer self. Be with yourself and do the digging that you need to do to get down into your heart, down beneath the haze and distractions of your mind. You need to get beyond what everyone else wants from you, what your dad wanted from you, what you think women want from you. You need to find out what you want from you, what you want to get from life and what you want to give to your life. Find what it is that you have to give to life, what you really long for.”

I selected this passage for the animation because a lot of us, me and men in particular, don’t innately do a lot of inner digging. There is a lot of mental gunk (conscious and subconscious) that pulls us away from our true selves that we don’t even know is there.

The people who seem to love us the most can often sidetrack us in a way that keeps us from really figuring out what it is we’re meant to do.

In the animation Goo digs down beneath the “haze and distractions” of the mind where he finds the Four Powers. At the bottom of the ocean it’s quiet yet it feels like your head is going to explode and you’re running out of time, this is where Goo find these powers, The King, The Warrior, The Mystic, The Lover. He finds it after he “digs deep” and when he feels pressure and he feels pain. Then he finds the Four Powers and pulls them together and in doing so gives him knew life.

“These four primordial male energies – or flavors of male energy – are hard-wired powers in men. In the typical modern, disempowered man, they are mostly unknown, unclaimed, or under-used. For us to be deeply happy and truly powerful in our life, they should all be conscious, intact, strong, and balanced.”
— David H. Wagner

The Warrior, The King, The Mystic, The Lover – If you don’t discover these Four Powers you get out of balanced and spineless.

I had to do a ton of journaling to “dig deep” to see where I was really lacking. I still have to do this, of course! Journaling is my x-factor in having breakthroughs, insights, and change. This journal on Amazon looks cool.

Get a journal and figure out your issues.

In the book, and in the animation at the end, the Red Road is the road we travel when we’re doing what were called to do and we’re not side-tracked by what others think is right for us, by addictions, by apathy, etc.

Of course, there is a lot more to explore in this book. I didn’t cover the “Three Keys to Happiness” which is a good portion of David’s message. Also, check out his blog and the courses he provides.

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