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Why Meditation is the Tool with Joe Dispenza How to Free Ourselves

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Joe Dispenza shares with us how meditation can help remove our addiction to the familiar past. We self-sabotage and limit ourselves much of the time without even realizing what’s behind it, but in this animation Joe illustrates how to move beyond the limitations of the past.

Thanks to Tom Bilyeu at Impact Theory (podcast and YouTube channel) for sharing the interview with the world. We grabbed audio snippets from Tom’s interview with Joe, currently at 2.8 million YouTube views, in an attempt to spread the message.

Here’s the some of the ideas Joe said that we pieced together for the animation.

Your environment is really controlling how you think and feel unconsciously.

…some people will use their boss to reaffirm their addiction to judgment,
…some people will use their enemy to reaffirm their addiction to hatred
…some people use their friends to affirm their addiction to suffering

They need the outer world to feel something. So to change then is to be greater than your environment to be greater than the conditions in your world.

So then why is meditation the tool?

Well let’s sit down let’s close our eyes. Let’s disconnect from your outer environment. If you can sit your body down and tell it to stay like an animal stay right here I’m gonna feed you when we’re done you can get up and check your emails you can do all your texts but right now you’re gonna sit there and obey and you settle your body back down in the present moment.

You’re telling the body it’s no longer the mind that you’re the mind and now your will is getting greater than the program and if you keep doing this over and over again over and over again over and over again the moment that happens when the body is no longer the mind when it finally surrenders there’s a liberation of energy we free ourselves from the chains of those emotions that keep us in the in the familiar past.

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