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Oil Change

By February 25, 2018 No Comments

Change your oil? Real cute. Well, we’re fast approaching year 2020 so in order to survive you’ll need to prepare. Okay, not exactly. The point is if you’re not finding ways to remove the old stagnate gunk, i.e. blame, resentment, negativity, the past, fear, etc. out of your system it’s just going to only get harder. Now there may be some humans here on earth who have figured out how to always be genuinely happy, calm communicative, love unconditionally, helpful, thoughtfully assertive, productive, healthy, wise, and whole, but for the rest of us we need to find ways to strengthen our mind, body, and soul so we can raise the bar.

For the sake of this animation the idea of changing your O.I.L. is Opportunities to Invigorate your Life. I certainly have no real scientific systems how to do this, but I do know it’s pretty important. The point is to find ways to let go of all the negative malarkey that keeping you squishy, unhappy, mean, and unproductive. There are some tried and true forms that folks have tried through the years and I hesitate in listing the eleven upleveling things in the Uplevel Tracker because by listing them it gets a little trite or “oh no, not this stuff again” nudge nudge. But, the bottom line is that you’re just going to be better off if you make time to do this kind of stuff so you can do the things you really want to do. Here’s the list and I know there are more than eleven but to keep things manageable here’s what we selected. (Meditation/Prayer, Journaling, Lifting, Cardio, Yoga/Stretch, Connecting w/ Positive Friends, Quality Family Time, Proper Nutrition, Connection w/ Partner/Spouse, Read/Learn, Work on Purpose.)

The main reason people haven’t started making these things a priority is because no one told them or suggested that “upleveling” was all that important. Your parents or teachers might have told you to just get a good job, but these days life is too complex to just “get a job” and hope for the best. There’s a reason why people are going mad. They simply haven’t figured out how to care for themselves. I speak for myself too, so for me to make these videos and make the Uplevel Tracker I have to actually do some or all of these eleven things everyday or every week to make sure I stay steady. I have to change my oil. Out with the old ways and in with the new ways of refreshing your system as best you can.

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