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Oprah on Failure

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“Failure is just life trying to move us in another direction.” Oprah Winfrey

Inspired by Oprah’s Harvard Commencement Address. Goo, our main character, fails hard but rises from the debris to find new direction. The idea behind the animation is that when we are constantly pushing ourselves to try and succeed at something, and with all of our other responsibilities (the big rock of responsibilities he’s hauling up the building called “Life”) we will at some point fall. But it’s in the “fall” and having “failed” that we find a better direction and find that our responsibilities are a blessing (jet engine wingsuit)

So many times we’re in an ugly place and we don’t know how to change or rise of from the ashes, but then we look back on those times when things were difficult we see how they were actually blessing, New Directions (jet engine wingsuit) are revealed to us and it is those instances that gave us new opportunities that we wouldn’t have found unless we were hit with a “failure”.

Here’s the video to the 2013 Harvard Commencement Address commencement address.

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