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Your Daughter’s SELFie Worth

By February 27, 2018 No Comments

Dads, if your kids KNOW that YOU think they are uniquely beautiful, they may not need to look elsewhere for “likes”. What if kids knew so completely that they didn’t need anything or anyone to feel complete and whole that they didn’t seek approval from others. The internet is giving our kids the opportunity to quickly find approval from others. Is it helpful? Maybe in some cases, but if we as parents can somehow role model or show or communicate to our kids that they are UNIQUELY beautiful and talented then there is an inner peace that can develop within that will grow. And when it grows it grows with them so that by the time they start dabbling in the world of selfies they won’t need to take 50 shots of themselves to find that “perfect” shot to send out to their friends. They’ll be able to say, “here I am” and be totally fine unconcerned with what others may or may not be thinking.

This isn’t a Dove sponsor post. It just so happens that I found this #NoLikesNeeded campaign that Dove did just after I attended the Dads 2.0 Summit that was also sponsored by Dove. The #NoLikesNeeded campaign was created to bring awareness to some of the issues girls are dealing with around selfies, self image, and getting “likes” from friends and strangers. You can check it out here.

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