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Benefits of Meditating on the Ground

Sit Cross Legged and Upright with SitBlox

Certainly, you can sit on a chair to meditate, but there are benefits to sitting on the ground if you're down for that.

  1. Bag the chair - Sitting in a chair is what you do when you work, drive, and eat. Help the mind shift into a relaxed state, slow down the hamster wheel of the brain that's often associated with what you do while sitting in a chair.
  2. Grounded - Literally being grounded by definition means being emotionally and mentally stable.
  3. Issues in your tissues: Opening the hips releases emotional baggage (seriously, I’m not making this up. Look it up). 
  4. Better Posture - If positioned properly you can maintain a healthy curve in the spine which helps with proper breathing and staying alert.
  5. Hero Pose: Kneeling, often associated with the act of reverence or humility and helps relieve tired legs. 

Here's Mark Sisson, founder of Primal Kitchen, on the benefits of sitting on the ground.

If you're like me, sitting on the ground can be uncomfortable. However, with SitBlox I can sit longer and drop into my calm more easily because I can feel grounded and more comfortable and focus on the meditation.

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