Our Story



About 10 years ago, I was in the middle of what felt like a crisis. The ups and downs and trying to be a "good" father to the sweetest little girls, while striving to find my way in this world was amazing, but mentally and emotionally challenging.

I needed to find a way to feel more centered. Desperate, I started sitting on the ground, observing my thoughts, letting them go and trying detach from the anxiety and feelings of failure that built up during the day. 

There was something about sitting on the ground that helped me open my mind and body. It calmed my looping thoughts and helped me feel more grounded. 

Even though I liked this meditation thing, I'd get very uncomfortable after about 5 minutes. I had to find a solution.

Going Forward

This is me in 2020. Sitting like this, especially 10 years ago, was nearly impossible. However, my hips and back were still NOT supported in this position. Inevitably something would go numb after about 6 minutes. I knew there had to be a better way.

Fast forward to today where we offer a product to help and support those with less flexibility to meditate effectively. The fact that we’re making something that can help tip the scales, even in a very small way, creating communities where people can work through their mental health challenges is liberating. Waking up in the morning knowing these products can truly help someone start their day on solid ground seems like the right thing to be doing.