Meditation Gift Guide for Dads

Gifts for Dad: Meditation Gift Guide

Whether your dad is new to meditation or wants to enhance his practice, there is a meditation gift to help. This meditation gift guide for dad has all the gifts you need to support his hobby or introduce him to the benefits of meditation. Read more to view all 11 gift ideas.

Are you asking yourself, 'what should I get my dad for Christmas or his birthday?' It can be tricky to find something for your dad.  Dads seem to have everything or he says he doesn’t want anything.  So finding a thoughtful, relaxing and useful gift that they don’t already have can really show your love.  

Over 500 million people meditate globally, and that number continues to increase as people recognize meditation's many benefits. However, women are still twice as likely to meditate than men, so giving your dad some zen gifts can be a great way to support his meditation journey. 

Whether your dad is new to meditation or wants to enhance his practice, there is a meditation gift to help. This meditation gift guide for dad has all the gifts you need to support his hobby or introduce him to the benefits of meditation. 

1. Extra Long Meditation Mat 

This Gaiam Athletic Dynamat is designed to be broader and longer than traditional yoga mats, which can be great for men. If your dad enjoys meditating on the ground or also practices yoga as part of his practice, then this mat should be part of the relaxing gifts you give him.

It also has a 5mm thickness to help protect your dad’s joints, with a non-slip surface and a lifetime guarantee. You could give this gift with other gifts from this holiday gift guide, such as meditation blocks. 

2. Portable Meditation Chair With Back Support

Ungloo's portable meditation chair with back support is perfect for dads. There are many ways to meditate, and many successful men use chairs and other supportive items to aid their practice. This portable chair is perfect if your dad is unsure about meditation or enjoys meditating in different positions. 

He can take it with him wherever he goes with ease, as it only weighs 8 pounds, which helps keep meditation practice consistent no matter the location. It provides a high level of support to help people practice without discomfort, focusing on support for the hips, back, and knees. 

The chair includes a floor pad, back cushions, seat cushions, and foam weights for hip and knee support. All of the components pack up inside the box, which makes it easy to store or hide away when not in use, like when his old highschool buddies come over to watch “the game”!

3. Breathing Necklace

There are various ways to meditate, including focusing on the breath as part of your mindfulness practice. You can consider buying a breathing necklace, which helps aid meditation practice and reduce stress. It is a perfect gift if you are introducing your dad to mindfulness practices, but he is not sure where to begin. 

This necklace can be used on the move, even worn discreetly, so your dad can take it with him. The necklace restricts how fast you can exhale, which can help deepen and slow breathing. It is also the perfect gift if your dad needs time to switch off to prepare for his meditation practice. 

4. Meditation Blanket

A meditation gift guide for dad would not be complete without accessories such as blankets to help keep him comfortable. It can make a huge difference in his meditation practice, as he will not be distracted by the cold and will feel more comfortable.

A meditation blanket is an oversized blanket that can be used to sit on as a bolster or as a shawl. It is a great portable option that your dad can take with him on the go, and it will add decoration to his living space, with many blankets having attractive designs. It is an affordable option often featured in Black Friday meditation deals.

Check out this traditional handmade blanket as an example.  

5. Meditation Journal

Trying to keep yourself accountable when meditating and noting your progress can be challenging. It can also be beneficial to write down any insights that come to you during practice. A meditation journal is a great gift to help your dad stick to his practice.

The Ungloo Uplevel Journal is the perfect gift to help guide your dad's meditation practice. There are different word prompt pages and a stream-of-consciousness page to rotate through. These prompts can help focus the journaling on meditation and help elevate practices. 

There are 66 pages to reflect research showing new habits and behaviors can be formed during this time. It is a great birthday or Christmas gift to help start a new cycle and support your dad's intention of daily meditation practice. You can combine this with a subscription to a meditation app if your dad needs support for how to begin his practice. 

6. Meditation Guide

A meditation gift guide for dad would not be complete without meditation guides. If you want to introduce your dad to meditation, or he is unsure where to begin, a meditation guide can be helpful. Many people who practice meditation use guided meditation as a preferred method of practice.

A great place to start is with a meditation app, which your dad can access on the go from his smartphone. These give your dad access to various meditation techniques to find what works best for him. 

Here are seven of the best meditation apps in 2022 for inspiration. Apps such as Calm or Headspace offer yearly subscriptions priced at around $70, or you could purchase a monthly subscription option. 

7. Wearable Meditation Technology 

If your dad is a fan of technology, you could purchase a wearable meditation device, such as Muse. Muse products are devices with innovative technology to monitor breathing, heart rate, and physical movement to aid meditation practice. For example, you can purchase a model that translates mental activity into weather sounds that alert you in real time to improve your meditation practice.

For example, if you are busy and tense, there will be stormy weather sounds. You can then begin to relax with deep breathing and focus on your meditation technique to hear calmer weather. 

There are also settings such as sleep mode, which is perfect for preparing your mind and body for sleep. This device showcases the immediate benefits of meditation on your body and mind, which can be a motivating tool when meditating. 

8. Acupressure Seat

An acupressure seat combines the benefits of meditation with acupuncture. These seats have points to stimulate nerves and relax the body. It can also be used as a standard meditation pillow.

Seats such as Body Quiet's Acupressure Seat help improve meditation posture and stability, with adjustable settings to get the right height. It can make meditation more comfortable and relieve discomfort, so your dad can go deeper with his practice. 

9. Meditation Support Blocks

Meditation blocks can be useful if your dad likes to sit cross-legged during his meditation. Ungloo's SitBlox Pair meditation blocks are designed for all body shapes and sizes, with adjustable settings to support meditation. They are similar to yoga blocks and can help reduce stiffness while meditating, so your dad can enjoy the benefits of meditation without discomfort. 

These blocks are also relaxing gifts for other activities, such as yoga, stretching, and relaxing. They are made out of EVA foam and are 8.5 x 6.5 x 5 inches in size. You can also consider buying more than two blocks to support different meditation positions. 

10. Meditation Kit

Sometimes a meditation cushion is not enough to support meditation practice, which is why Ungloo created the ultimate lightweight, supportive, and portable solution. It is the perfect kit if your dad needs some support meditating but does not want to sit on a meditation chair. 

The kit includes the following:

  • Foam floor pad to protect ankles and feet
  • Carrying case for storage and portability 
  • Six-inch high EVA foam crescent cushion 
  • Two pelvis tilting wedges for spine alignment 
  • Two wedge-shaped EVA foam blocks for hip and knee support

This is an excellent option if your dad is not flexible but wants to practice seated meditation. It helps develop seated meditation practice with the support your dad needs not to feel distracted by any discomfort. The spine alignment and support also mean there is less chance of incorrect alignment and injury.

11. Meditation Tracker

The Ungloo Uplevel Tracker helps your dad stay accountable and take steps to improve daily. Each day he can tick off different mindful activities he did to enhance his life.

It can allow him to track his weekly score and find what works. It is the perfect way to notice healthy and unhealthy patterns to become more mindful in everyday life. It also helps track meditation practice and reminds your dad of why he wants to meditate. 

The Best Meditation Gift Guide for Dad 

Knowing where to begin when looking for zen gifts for your dad can be difficult. Follow this meditation gift guide for dad to find the perfect option that suits his meditation needs. All of the items support your dad physically and mentally, so he can deepen his practice without discomfort. 

If you are unsure what gift is best, consider what your dad's goals are for meditation, such as improving his posture or staying consistent. Ungloo has a variety of meditation accessories to aid your dad's practice. If you have questions about our products, do not hesitate to contact us.

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