Portable Meditation, How to Meditate On The Go

Portable Meditation, How to Meditate On The Go

If you have anxiety, one of the best ways to work through these thoughts is through meditation. This might be something thats been on your radar for a while, or perhaps you’ve only recently decided to give it a go. No matter the reason, there’s no time like the present to begin your practice.

By now it should be no surprise that meditation can improve anxiety levels 60% of the time, productivity by 120%, and have a host of physical medical benefits too. One of the best things about meditation is you don’t need a host of fancy tools and gadgets. You just need yourself and a space that you feel comfortable in. It can be done anywhere, at any time, and can provide a quick fix to your feelings. If you’re looking to meditate on the go, we’ve put together some top tips to help you on your way.  

What is meditation?

Meditation is about bringing awareness to your thoughts and feelings and being present in the moment. By doing this and acknowledging yet not judging any negative thoughts and feelings you might be having, you can get a healthy sense of perspective. It can allow you to let go of things in your mind that might be making you feel anxious and stressed and help you manage them going forward. It enables you to observe, understand, and move on. 

What are some top tips to meditate on the go?

As established above, meditation can be a empowering way to take control of your mental health, but what if you’re not at home all the time to do it? This is where meditation is so great, as it can be done anywhere. There are no restrictions, it’s just down to you and how you feel in a certain place. Some tips for meditation on the go for the most successful session include: 

Find a place that feels safe and comfortable.

The first thing you need when meditating is a place in which you can feel comfortable and at ease. If you are at work, you could ask for a quiet, private room such as a meeting room. It could also be the corner of your local park, at the beach or even sitting in your car. The most important thing is it’s somewhere that you feel calm and safe, and where you won’t be interrupted. 

Bring a meditation chair with you for support.

Meditation is a very personal and private experience and you want to be as comfortable as possible. Bringing a portable meditation chair with you ensures your practice is as comfortable as possible and you also won't end up with an aching back or body as meditation practice can take a while! This Ungloo meditation chair is the perfect solution as it's designed specifically for back, hip, and knee support. You can put it on your deck, take it to the park or beach, easily carry it around and also store it away when it's not in use. It’s supportive, practical, and can elevate your meditation when on the go and at home.

Consider using an app for guidance.

If you find it difficult to concentrate when out and about, consider using an app. There are many on the market that you can listen to or just follow the steps on the screen. This can help to guide your practice and ensure you get the most from it. Here are the 7 best meditation apps that we would recommend.

Set a timer. 

The point of meditation is to stop your mind from wandering and to be present in the moment. By allowing yourself a set time to meditate, your brain won’t be concerned about other aspects in the day or how long you’ve been meditating for as a timer will go off when you need to stop. This can help keep you grounded and prevent further anxieties from arising. 

Try and meditate at the same time every day. 

Meditating at the same time every day is a good way of forming a habit. In the same way as you wake up, eat breakfast, and get dressed every day, meditation should form a solid part of your routine. This way you get the most benefits - short and long term.

Don’t strive for perfection.

Some days you might not achieve as much from your meditation as you might hope. Others you could find it a resounding success. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself and instead focus on trying your best, that’s all that matters.

To find out more about Ungloo’s meditation chair and how it can help your practice, get in touch with us on our website.

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