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How To Guides

At Ungloo we are passionate about helping people practice and better enjoy meditation. We have a number of products that help people sit more comfortably, more supported, and feel more grouded during their practice. Using these meditation chairs or blocks can be tricky the first time you try them and that's why we created a number of "How-To" videos to better help you get used to your new equipment.

But as always...if you ever have any questions or need help please reach out to us directly! Happy meditating!

Picture of man sitting with meditation blocks that are supporting his knees

The Ungloo Box Meditation Chair

The Ungloo Box Meditation Chair is one of our most popular products. Is provides great knee, hip, and back support all while being one of the most portable meditation chairs on the market. Learn how to put it together below.

The Sit3.

Meditation cushions are thousands of years old so we thought it's time for an update with a solution that's lightweight, portable, supportive, and easy on the hips. They can be tricky to position just right so watch the videos below and if you have any additional questions please reach out to us directly!

The SitBlox.

The SitBlox Pair Meditation Blocks were designed to help alleviate hip, knee, back, and leg pain when trying to sit cross legged during meditation.  They are very adjustable based on their position to help anyone, of any size, feel more support while sitting.

Fabric Covers

Add that extra touch of comfort with our new fabric covers. These Fabric Covers are designed to be place onto your Ungloo Box wedges and floor pad so they have the same comfort and style as the seat and backrest.