What People Are Saying


S. Saad (Colorado) - SitBlox help me sit still longer in a more supported and comfortable position. A simple yet effective solution to an age old problem. One of the many challenges with meditation is getting the body to cooperate and be still. Finding a comfortable position helps let the body relax and therefore the mind to hopefully follow. 


Avery W. (Maryland) 
I’m having a great time with the SitBlox. The angle on these really makes for an easy adjustment under feet, knees, buttocks and more. I have shared your info with my students, my yoga teaching cohort and the Accessible Yoga Community."


Vanessa H. (California)
I like them! It takes a bit of adjustment but once you get them set up right they’re very comfortable. I really like the customizable knee support—useful in retreats when you’re sitting 5+ hours a day.


These are great - small, solid, and adaptable to most sitting positions. I use them in conjunction with a zafu, and because of their size and shape, they don’t get in the way as many filled solutions have for me. Due to a car accident over a year ago, I have been unable to sit comfortably, but these blocks are helping me get back into a sustainable seated position.


Melissa West - @drmelissawest
I love these props because they really support your legs perfectly and they allow your spine to be really straight so you can sit in meditation. If you have tight hips ...these one can be quite useful. Also if you do a lot of restorative yoga and yin yoga they're nice for bolsters as well. (This excerpt taken from Melissa's YouTube video. We gave Melissa 4 SitBlox and she and her husband created an amazing video to share SitBlox with her yoga community.)

Ceasar Baraja - @ceasarfbarajas
If you're like me, I've got very tight hips. I don't sit comfortably in a cross legged pose. I love these things. (Ungloo disclaimer: We gave Ceasar some SitBlox and In one of his Veteran Yoga Project yoga classes he did an incredible job incorporated the SitBlox into the meditation part of his class. His quote above was a snippet from this class.)


Di Hickman - @dihickmanyoga

One area I've always struggled with in yoga is my hips. They're pretty tight when it comes to externally rotated poses like sukhasana, siddhasana, baddha konsasana and (my nemesis) pigeon. If like me you struggle with tight hips, then check out these blocks by Ungloo to assist yoga and meditation.
(Ungloo disclaimer: We gave Di four SitBlox to test out and she shared a lovely video on instagram @dihickmanyoga and on her
YouTube Channel.)