Meditate comfortably on a meditation bench

Meditate comfortably on a meditation bench

Meditation is a powerful tool for mental and physical health. It helps to reduce stress, improve concentration, and foster a sense of inner peace and calm. However, it can be difficult to find a comfortable position to meditate in, especially if you're used to sitting on the floor or in a chair. This difficulty can be compounded with soreness from exercise, joint pain due to conditions like arthritis, and other complicating factors that may come with illness or age. It’s often important for people to find more comfortable and accessible ways to practice meditation, but while there are many options available, many of them end up being even less comfortable than sitting on the floor.

That's where the Ungloo meditation bench comes in. With its ergonomic design, the Ungloo bench makes it easy to find the perfect position for your meditation practice. Whether you’re an expert meditator with many meditation benches or just getting started, we’re glad you’re here and excited to help you learn more about how to meditate comfortably on a meditation bench.

In this blog post, we'll go over how meditation benches work, some of the benefits of meditation benches, and what makes the Ungloo bench the perfect choice for your meditation practice.

How Do Meditation Benches Work?

A meditation bench is designed to provide support, comfort, and posture when practicing meditation. While mindfulness on its own often helps to create good posture and build comfort in one's own body, adding a meditation bench to your practice can allow you to focus your meditation on other things as you grow in your practice. Not everyone enjoys these tools, but for many people who practice meditation, benches make their practice easier on their bodies and give them an opportunity to focus more on their goals instead of the discomfort of sitting on the floor.

Benefits of Using a Meditation Bench

While many people may use a meditation bench for additional comfort alone, that is just one of the many things that a meditation bench can do to enhance your practice and improve your health. Here are some other benefits of using a meditation bench regularly as part of your mindfulness routine:

Maintain Proper Breathing Technique

Not only does a meditation bench provide support for your body, but it also helps you to maintain proper breathing techniques. This can be especially helpful for those who deal with respiratory conditions, such as asthma, and for those who sometimes experience feelings of breathlessness due to anxiety or stress.

Increase Awareness

By building a routine of meditating on a meditation bench, you can increase your awareness of how meditation impacts you and train your body to begin to relax and think mindfully whenever you sit on your meditation bench. This can also help reduce distractions during meditation over time and signal to those around you that you are practicing meditation and, therefore, should not be interrupted for the time being.

Increase Accessibility

For people with health conditions that cause joint pain, such as arthritis or lupus, or have disabilities that make it difficult for them to get up and down, using a meditation bench can make meditation more accessible. As opposed to sitting on the floor to meditate, a meditation bench reduces the amount that a person must lower themselves and allows for more leverage when they go to get up.

Improve Balance

Sitting on a meditation bench forces one to lean slightly forward, which can improve core strength and balance over time. This can help prevent falls and improve mobility, both of which become increasingly important to prioritize as people age. The sensation of balance and strength that a meditation bench provides can also help increase flexibility and provide a sense of grounding and stability during meditation. Because using a meditation bench encourages alignment of the spine and pelvis, it will also help people build strength in muscles needed for good posture, which is also good for balance. Using a meditation bench can also improve focus, which can lead to better balance due to more awareness of one’s physical body.

Improve Circulation

Using a meditation bench instead of another seated position can help improve circulation while meditating, especially for those who prefer to meditate in a kneeling position. Because the meditation bench provides a slight lift for the pelvis, it reduces pressure on the blood vessels that may occur when one sits fully on the ground, such as in the knees or at the bottom of the pelvis. This can increase comfort while meditating, reduce uncomfortable sensations like tingling and numbness after meditation, and allow the person meditating to focus more on their mantra or thoughts instead of on how uncomfortable they feel.

Better Stability

Especially for people who are not used to sitting on the floor, doing so may feel uncomfortable or unsteady. By using a meditation bench, they can stay still more easily and slowly build the muscles they need to maintain stability in various seated positions. People may also prefer the stability of a meditation bench for their own comfort or because they are able to focus more on their breath than on simply staying upright.

Why Ungloo’s Meditation Bench is Right for You

Part of what makes the Ungloo Meditation Bench the best meditation bench is the slight curve on the seat. This design feature provides a few different benefits, including increased comfort, more stability as the raised edges make it difficult to slip off, and better posture because the seat curves with your body.

Another perk of the Ungloo Meditation Bench is that it is easy to assemble and comes with all the parts you need: 4 bolts, 2 nuts, and a hex wrench. With those simple tools and just a few minutes of time, anyone can easily assemble this bench and ensure that it is sturdy enough for regular use. It is also a lightweight and portable meditation bench that you can take with you wherever you go.

To learn more about the Ungloo Meditation Bench, you can check it out here or reach out to us via chat with any questions you may have. We are happy to equip you with the tools you need for a rewarding and effective meditation practice.

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