I started Ungloo.com 4 years ago to help bring levity and inspiration to this new generation of hands-on dads! The big idea was to reach these men with motivational animated videos on a robust content marketing platform. I had big plans, but most of the 30+ animated videos I created were never seen! 

Fueled by a desire to have a larger impact I began creating products such as the Uplevel Journal and the Uplevel Tracker to help fathers track and improve habits, create challenges, and celebrate wins. I designed a picture book, Why Modern Dads Change Diapers: A glimpse into the evolutionary development of the modern day, hands-on dad, to help illustrate what happened with the role of the father over the course of 100 years. 

But with all of this effort it was .... crickets.

I knew it was time to work on a product that I’d been thinking about for 10 years! A meditation seat. Yes, really.

About 10 years ago, right around the time my youngest daughter turned 2 years old I started sitting cross-legged at night to try and release the anxiety that built up during the day. (Back then I was even tighter than I am now in this photo.)

I found that sitting-cross legged and trying to find a position that would help me “drop in” was a challenge. However, there was something about sitting in this way that helped me open my mind and body, relax through any discomfort, and feel more grounded before going to bed.  (see article: The 5 benefits of sitting on the ground.)

I searched online for years to try and find something that seemed modern, masculine, and supportive, but I couldn’t find anything! I felt like men were left to their own devices to find something that fit them, particularly the tight western variety. Also, so many of the resources online were targeting female yogis with lotus flowers and yoga pants photos.

The idea of designing a meditation seat was something I just couldn’t let go, so I started working on what would become SitSpace around January 2019. I knew I had to make something that was comfortable, supportive of the hips and back, it had to be height adjustable and portable! 

Most of the men I spoke to who mediate got the concept immediately as most of them could completely relate. By February 2020 we had a prototype that was nearly complete.

Enter COVID-19. By March 2020 most of the financial resources I had relied on to fully build the prototype and get it manufactured evaporated. 


..... rather than lose momentum I immediately launched SitBlox.com.  I was NOT going to quit. This new direction would be more recession proof as it allowed me to put a much smaller investment into it and it would also be more affordable to the end user. It’s nowhere near the full package of SitSpace, but it’s a lot more ergonomic, inexpensive, and portable than other products on the market!

So for now, we’ll continue to build out Ungloo.com to create more and more meditation and growth-mindset products and maybe even some more videos and do whatever we can to impact the masses and grow a sustainable business.

Perry Towle - Owner