Image showing how the SIT3 meditation kit supports you while sitting cross legged.
An Image showing how you can pack up the SIT3 in carrying bag.
SIT3 Meditation Kit Product Image
SIT3 Meditation Kit
SIT3 Meditation Kit
SIT3 Meditation Kit
Image showing how to use the SIT3 while meditating in a kneeling or cross legged support
SIT3 Meditation Kit
Image showing the dimensions of the SIT3 Kit when it is fully encased in its carrying case.
SIT3 Meditation Kit being used in a cross legged position
SIT3 Meditation Kit helps relief pressure on the hips, knees, and neck during meditation.
Picture showing the unboxed SIT3 Meditation Kit. It comes with two leg supports, comfortable floor pad, and meditation cushion.
SIT3 - Meditation Kit - Ungloo Store
Image showing the dimensions of each piece in the SIT3 Meditation Kit.

SIT3 Meditation Kit

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We're offering the last stash of our SIT3s and we are selling these at a reduced cost as there are a few nicks and blemishes. They still work great, but because soft EVA foam scratches so easily they don't look perfect.
Meditation cushions are thousands of years old so we thought it's time for an update with a solution that's lightweight, portable, supportive, and easy on the hips. 

SIT3 is the Goldilocks solution.

We think SIT3 is that "happy medium" for those who don't feel comfortable on a small floor cushion and would rather not sit in a chair.  

    As you can see, SIT3 can go where you go and provide you with a grounding effect during meditation.  If you are not very flexible but still want to practice sitting in meditation consider trying out the SIT3.

    You will be better able to focus on your breath and keep your mind from wandering when you are grounded and supported. Give a set a try. You'll be hooked after your first sit.

    Did you know we also have a meditation chair with back support? Check it out!

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