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“Real” Men Don’t Meditate

by Tim Jones on Sep 13, 2022

Real Men Don't Meditate

There is a type of fitness men can neglect; the exercise of meditation. Meditation for men can be highly beneficial, but studies have found that men still meditate less than women. One of the reasons for this is the myth that 'real men' do not meditate, when in fact, some of the most successful men on the planet warrant meditation as a reason for their success. 

There are several reasons people who identify as male hold back from practicing meditation, such as believing you have to be flexible or that there is no time or it’s only something women do in yoga classes. But there are many business leaders who meditate, and it is often one of the top habits of highly successful people, so, what are you waiting for? 

Some men feel meditation is admitting defeat or mental weakness, but the truth is exactly the opposite. Meditation can enhance many areas of your life including time management, work performance, relationships, overall health, and so much more.

So, if you want some more inspiration to start meditating, read on to learn about ten highly successful men who meditate.

1. Naval Ravikant

Naval Ravikant is one of many successful businessmen who meditate and famous people who meditate. Naval Ravikant is renowned for over 200 early-stage investments, including Twitter, Uber, and OpenDoor. He says meditation is powerful for mental strength.


Naval sits for 60 minutes doing 'nothing' every morning before anything else. He focuses on surrendering to what comes up. He recommends practicing every day for at least sixty days. 

2. Marc Benioff 

Marc Benioff started meditation to keep a clear headspace while climbing his career ladder and manage stress. He is now one of the most well-known CEOs who meditate as the CEO of Salesforce. Even his offices have 'mindfulness zones' to help encourage employees to keep a clear head.


Marc focuses on being present during every activity, from walking to brushing his teeth. He recommends at least five minutes of meditation every morning but also likes to meditate with others to help stay committed, which could be as simple as having a silent lunch together. He also journals after meditation to reflect on what came up and set intentions for the day. 


3. Bill Gates

Early in Bill Gates career he believed some of the myths - that men and meditation did not mix, however,more recently he has said meditation is an exercise of the mind, which helps him pay attention, distance himself from thoughts, and focus. And it works for him, with the creation of Microsoft and The Gates Foundation which focus on fighting poverty, disease, and inequity around the world. He’s been able to amass incredible resources to, in turn, to positively impact millions people.


Bill Gates does not sit in a yoga pose while meditating. He uses seating meditation aids to help him get comfortable. He aims for at least ten minutes of silent meditation two to three times a week. 

4. Jeff Weiner

There is often the idea that successful people like Jeff Weiner must always be busy. He is the CEO of LinkedIn but recommends meditation to his team. He also has his own practice every day.


Despite running the world's largest professional network, Jeff Weiner uses the meditation application Headspace to commit to daily meditation practice. There are lots of different types of meditations on here, such as body scans, visualization, skillful compassion, reflection, and loving-kindness meditation. 

5. Ray Dalio

Ray Dalio is a self-made billionaire famous for creating the biggest hedge fund firm, Bridgewater Associates. Even before the rise in the popularity of meditation, Ray Dailo credited his success to his daily meditation practice. He has consistently practiced ever since. 


Ray Dalio speaks about how transcendental meditation helps clear his mind to make better business decisions. Transcendental meditation is when you sit silently repeating a mantra in your mind. He does this twice a day for twenty minutes. 

6. Tim Ferris 

Tim Ferris is an entrepreneur, author, investor, and podcaster. He interviewed 140 people at the top of their business fields and found a common habit they shared: meditation. He is also one of the top famous people who meditate and continues to promote why successful men meditate. 


Tim Ferris is an example of someone who efficiently utilizes his time by using different types of meditation methods. He uses techniques such as guided meditation, transcendental meditation, and Vipassana, then reflects on his insights after. He aims for at least twenty minutes per day. 

7. Andrew Cherng

Andrew Cherng is the founder of Panda Express and meditates daily. He is known to promote meditation with his colleagues and encourages self-improvement through meditation. He is an example of why successful men meditate: he recognizes there is no harm in accepting there are always areas for improvement in your life.


Andrew Cherng practices silent meditation on his own and with others. He focuses on observing his thoughts without judgment. He also enjoys hiking and practicing staying present during each step as a form of meditation. 

8. Bill George

For some people, meditation and manifestation are connected. In contrast, Bill George and others focus more on mindfulness to improve their business performance. Bill George is the former CEO of Medtronic and a senior fellow at Harvard Business School.


Bill George demonstrates that meditation does not have to be the same for everyone; some people will connect more spiritually than others. He is one of many businessmen who talk about how meditation makes them better leaders. He practices silent meditation for twenty minutes twice daily and attends a support group to help him stay committed to the practice. 

9. Robert Stiller

Robert Stiller is a billionaire who has co-founded companies such as Green Mountain Coffee Company. He also promoted meditation rooms at the workplace and encouraged staff to meditate. Like many successful men, Bob Stiller is known to refer to meditation when asked how he became so successful. 


He recommends finding a quiet space to sit or lie down. He focuses on observing his thoughts and not resisting them. Instead, he lets each thought go without judgment, letting them float away and find calm before the next thought arises. 

The Successful Men and Meditation Link

Meditation often makes the list of habits of highly successful people, and for some of the most successful men in the world, it is no different. Meditation is a diverse practice that you can adapt to meet your needs, but what the different methods have in common is their benefits.

It is no coincidence that successful men are practicing meditation, so why not give it a go yourself? An excellent place to start is by ensuring you have the right meditation accessories to aid your experience. Check out our range of products to help you get started with meditation. 

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