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5 Best Meditation Chairs with Back Support in 2022

by Tim Jones on Jan 11, 2022

5 Best Meditation Chairs with Back Support in 2022

Do you want to start meditating but have a hard time sitting on the ground? When you meditate, are you constantly distracted by the pain in your joints?  If so, we understand exactly how you feel because we felt that too! Typically, meditation is performed while sitting still and tuning into your mind body connection.  Starting meditation or meditating consistently is a great goal to put on your 2022 bucket list. Unfortunately, decreased flexibility or other body pains can hinder your ability to truly tune in and meditate.  When you meditate the goal is typically to feel refreshed and invigorated, not stiff, and aware of more body aches.   Luckily, for those of us that weren’t natural born contortionists, meditation chairs can make meditating a much more enriching experience.  

Meditation chairs can help make your 2022 meditation goals a realistic and rewarding endeavor.  A good meditation chair will provide support and make sitting for a period of time more comfortable. It will also be easy to carry so that you are not limited in the location you can meditate.  We found the five best meditation chairs with back support of 2022. We broke down the support, portability, and price of each chair so that you can be educated in finding the best meditation chair for you. We are obviously partial to the Ungloo Box but give a very fair review of all these chairs. 

1. The Ungloo Box, Portable Meditation Chair With Back Support

Ungloo Box Meditation Chair Backrest Hip

First up is the Ungloo Box. This meditation chair is comprised of 6 pieces.  It has the Box, 2 cushions for seat and backrest, 2 foam wedges, and a floor pad to cushion feet and ankles. 


This meditation chair is designed to support not only your back but your hips and knees as well.  The backrest helps keep your spine in an upright supported position.  It comes with two foam wedges to take off the pressure placed on your hips and knees while sitting in the common lotus position.  The bench puts your hips at the proper elevation to take pressure off your lower back and reduce stress in your hips. The fact the Ungloo Box supports both knees, hips, and back is a major pro as most chairs in our research only focused on supporting one area of the body.  This chair is also easily adjustable. So, no matter your body size you can find a position that fits you perfectly. Or if you have multiple people in your household who like to meditate this chair can easily support each person despite their size. 


This is another area the Ungloo Box shines.  This chair is easily the most portable out of our top meditation chairs.  The bench of the Ungloo Box is hollow. So, when you are done meditating the foam leg wedges and floor pad easily fit into the bench.  It’s a very clever design because the backrest actually slides into the front of the bench to keep all items secured neatly inside.  This makes for easy storage and transportation. This chair is also lightweight, at just 8lbs.  So, you can easily move it using the functional handle from your living room to your car to the beach.  Wherever you want to meditate this chair can be there. Bonus the material makes it easy to clean so you won’t have to worry about cleaning off sand or dirt if you like to meditate outside. 


The Ungloo Box is priced at $199.  This is middle of the road for meditation chairs.  Considering the quality of materials used as well as the functionality the cost of this chair is minimal considering what is included and how useful it is

Learn more about the Ungloo Box here.

 2. BonVIVO Easy III Padded Portable Floor Chair

Bonvivo III Meditation Chair

BonVIVO Easy III Padded Portable Floor Chair is our next meditation chair under review.  It is a one-piece foldable chair. 


This chair is made with memory foam to provide a nice cushion when sitting.  It has a 20-inch-high adjustable backrest for back support.  This is good for most people however if you have a taller frame this may not lend the amount of support you need.  The BonVIVO Chair works for those up to 220lbs.  One major downside to this chair is it had no support for hips and knees.  So, if your knees and hips are an area that give you pain or are not as flexible this may not be the chair for you.  


The BonVIVO chair is very lightweight.  Weighing a mere 6 lbs.  It is also foldable so can be easily stored under beds or in your closet. This makes for easy storage and transportation. The portability of this chair is a highpoint. 


This chair costs $79.  It is one of the cheaper chairs.  This chair is easy on your wallet however that may be due to the decreased durability of the product.  Reviews on Amazon have shown this chair's material to stretch and the cushion to flatten over time. 

Learn more about the BonVIVO Easy III Meditation Chair here.

3. Birdrock Home Memory Foam Floor Chair

Birdrock Home Memory Foam Meditiation Chair in Brown

Birdrock Home Memory Foam Floor Chair is a plush foldable chair used for meditation. 


The Birdrock Home Memory Foam Floor Chair is very soft and plush. Lots of cushion is provided for your back and bottom due to the chopped memory foam it is filled with. It offers 14 different adjustable positions.  However, these adjustments are only to move the backrest from a flat fully reclined position to an upright seated position.  In all this chair is more suited for kids or smaller framed individuals.  There is back support however no hip or knee support is provided in this chair. 


This chair is a little heavier weighing 10.5 lb.  However, this isn’t too heavy and is still easily lifted from one place to another.  No handle is provided for easy transportation however it does recline fully so that you can easily store it under a bed or behind a door. 


The Birdrock Home chair is priced at $110.  This is a moderate price for meditation chairs and feels about right considering its functionality. 

Learn more about the Birdrock Home Memory Foam Floor Chair here.

4. Mindful and Modern Folding Adjustable Meditation Chair 

Mindful and Modern Black Folding Meditation Chair with Back.

The Mindful and Modern Folding Adjustable Meditation Chair is a lightweight waterproof meditation chair. 


The Mindful Modern Meditation Chair lacks in the amount of support it provides.  While it does have a 90 degree adjustable backrest there is no support for your hips or knees.  It is also one size fits all. So it may not be able to accommodate different body sizes and give everyone the support they need.  


This chair is collapsable for easy portability and storage. It’s lightweight, weighing only 7 lbs.  Another nice feature is the waterproof base of this chair.  This feature makes outdoor meditation easier.  You won’t have to worry about your chair getting ruined if you like meditating on the beach or grass. 


This chair is reasonably priced around $99.  It is on the lower end of price for meditation chairs however that may be due to the decreased amount of support it provides.

Learn more about the Mindful Modern Folding Meditation Chair here.

5. Friends Of Meditation Extra Large Meditation Chair

Extra large meditation chair with back supports

Friends Of Meditation Extra Large Meditation Chair comes with a foldable chair, back rest, and bottom cushion. 


The Friends of Meditation Chair has ample support for your back.  It has a tall backrest and an adjustable cushion you can position for good support.  The chair fits people up to 6 ft 2 inches tall. This chair has extra cushioning in the seat which helps tilt your pelvis in proper alignment.  However, there is no real support for your lower legs.  So, if you are not flexible in your hips the lack of support for your lower legs can create tension on your back and knees.  


This chair comes with a carrier bag to store it and transport it in.  The Friends of Meditation Chair collapses so that you can store it more easily. However, it is not as small as some of our previous chairs due to the 4 inch thick bottom padding. Without the carrying bag the Friends of Meditation Chair weighs 11.5 lbs. 


The Friends of Meditation Chair is currently priced at $330.  This is a much higher price point for meditation chairs. 

Learn more about the Friends of Meditation Extra Large Meditation Chair here.

So Which Meditation Chair is Best in 2022?

If you have been suffering trying to sit through meditations.  Suffer no more!  These top 5 meditation chairs we reviewed all have major pros.  Some lend more overall support; some are easier to transport and others are just plain easier on your wallet! We feel that the Ungloo Box really gives you the biggest bang for your buck.  You get so many options for sitting positions, back supports, and knee supports and at a price tag of only $199 you can’t go wrong. 

We’ve tried many different meditation chairs.  None did it all. That's why we created the Ungloo Box, the best meditation chair with back support on the market.  We have tested it and truly believe it gives the most versatile support for your back, hips, and knees.  It’s middle of the road when it comes to meditation chair pricing, not too pricey but also not the cheapest.  It is made with quality materials, so this is a chair you’ll only need to invest in once.  The Ungloo Box is one of the most portable meditation chairs on the market because it easily breaks down and stores for quick transportation.  Let’s make your 2022 meditation bucket list goals an enjoyable reality with a meditation chair that suits you. 

Lear more about each chair in our quick video recap:

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