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How to Connect With a Higher Power Through Meditation

Achieving a spiritual connection with God, the universe, or whatever we choose to associate with can feel like an immeasurable task. Yet, with the right steps and the proper intention, we can find deep spiritual significance in our meditation practice.
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When we consider modern applications of meditation, we recognize its scientific benefits. Students at MIT discovered that 8 weeks of mindfulness-based practice resulted in a highly improved focus on sensations.

But when meditation is applied even further, it is even possible to feel the vibrations of a higher power. 

Achieving a spiritual connection with God, the universe, or whatever we choose to associate with can feel like an immeasurable task. Yet, with the right steps and the proper intention, we can find deep spiritual significance in our meditation practice.

Continue reading to discover how to connect with God through meditation.

Meditation Transcending Faith

Forms of meditation have displayed themselves in every major religion. 

Judaism views meditation as a deliberate shifting of the mind from the ego. It gives direction for prayer, heightens one's understanding of the Torah, and increases one's awareness of the needs of others.

The purpose of meditation in the Islamic religion is to focus on the presence of God. Mindfulness practice is the highest way of knowing that Allah is with us.

Meditation is the cornerstone of Buddhist practice. Instead of focusing on connections with a higher power, Buddhists use meditation to direct the flow of thoughts in the mind. 

Christians use meditation defined as prayer. They reflect on relevant passages from the Bible to discern a deeper lesson. Upon understanding the more intimate aspects of oneself, Christians develop a stronger unity with God.

Sikh teachings suggest that meditation disassociates us from worldly problems and aligns with the word of God. Sikhs reframe their desire for possessions and instead thank God for the provided experiences.

Because no one religion can claim ownership of meditative practices, the action is a universal method of getting closer to god. There are no religious requirements or restrictions on meditation. However we choose to practice, know that meditation is used as a vehicle for how to connect to a higher power.

Types of Meditation

While there are many methods of how to connect with God, having a focus helps keep our practice aligned with our intention. Here are a few common types of meditation for us to try out.

Body Scan Meditation

A less demanding type of meditation, body scans involves getting into a resting position and observing the different sensations throughout the body. A common body scan meditation may start at the crown of the head and slowly work its way down.

Of course, our meditation is personal to us, and we may decide to start our body scan where the sensations are most intense. A consistent body scan practice will help us recognize how our body is feeling in even the most subtle ways.

Loving Kindness Meditation

This type of meditation gears us toward cultivating compassion in our lives and for others. A loving kindness meditation focuses on positive phrases and intentions, flooding ourselves with love.

We can practice loving kindness meditation by holding loving thoughts in our minds. Observe how those thoughts make us feel. A consistent practice in loving kindness allows us to summon that compassionate feeling.

When that feeling is drawn forward, begin to hold the people in our lives in our minds. Associate that compassionate feeling toward people that we love, people that challenge us, and people that we don't know. Loving kindness helps break down barriers between people that historically cause us to feel anger or pain.

Transcendental Meditation

A more directed form of meditation, transcendental practice involves repeating a mantra (or phrase) as a focal point. The phrase replaces random thought patterns with intentional ones that are naturally observed by the self. In this sense, our thoughts are "transcendental." 

Anyone can include a basic transcendental meditation into their routine. Still, many believe that reaching the depth of this practice requires teaching from a certified instructor.

Mindfulness Meditation

This meditation is simple to practice but is deceptively difficult to apply. Mindfulness meditation refers to the level of presence in one's current task. This can be as basic as observing our breath while in a resting position.

This also applies to the regular actions we take throughout the day. Brushing our teeth, making coffee, or typing at the computer can have aspects of mindfulness involved. 

Less common or more intense tasks will naturally put us in a state of mindfulness, as they require more of our attention. The practice is put to the test when doing menial tasks. Try to find our center when doing things that we do often.

Benefits of Meditation

When meditating, we may find ourselves closer to god with a clear mind. there are several benefits of meditation that help us connect with a higher power:

  • Clear away emotional stress
  • Manage symptoms of anxiety, chronic pain, and depression
  • Increased self-awareness
  • Increased imagination and creativity
  • Increased patience and tolerance

Keep in mind that all of these benefits are compounded with consistent practice. Regularly meditating allows us to recognize these aspects at a deeper and more subtle level.

How to Connect With God

For those of us looking for an answer from a higher power, there are only a few basic steps. 

It is highly beneficial to find a quiet place for us to settle into. It also helps to place ourselves into a resting position, either sitting or laying down. The most important aspect here is to be comfortable.

We want to calm our minds. Allow those random thoughts to come and go, and focus on the stillness surrounding us.

Finally, we set our intentions on communicating with the higher power. Surrender to any thoughts or images that arise in our minds. However our higher power manifests in this moment is perfectly fine.

Sit with these thoughts and feelings, and observe how they come and go. They may come in unexpected ways, or they may make us uncomfortable.

Just witness them. These are the words of God.

A More Comfortable Meditation

The quality of how to connect with God is tied to the comfort in which we enter our meditative practice. Regardless of how we choose to practice, entering a comfortable, resting position is imperative.

For those new to meditation, support may be beneficial. Check out our specially designed meditation supports for a comfortable practice.

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