What Does God have to do with Meditation?
Benefits of Meditation

What Does God have to do with Meditation?

It's essential for meditation practitioners to explore various approaches and find a style that resonates with them, whether it includes spiritual elements or aligns with a secular perspective.
The Transformative Power of Awe

The Transformative Power of Awe: A Journey Beyond Ourselves

Introduction: Embracing the Majesty of Awe  From humanity's earliest memories to our contemporary existence, one emotion stands unparalleled in its impact: awe. As we navigate the complexities of m...

The Hidden Benefits of Outdoor Meditation

Meditation in nature offers many benefits not available in traditional indoor settings. It can be easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of city life. Traffic, noise, and crowds can all be over...
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Benefits of Meditation

How to Connect With a Higher Power Through Meditation

Achieving a spiritual connection with God, the universe, or whatever we choose to associate with can feel like an immeasurable task. Yet, with the right steps and the proper intention, we can find ...